Our Beliefs and Background

Our Building Renovation

There was a time believers in God would go to meet with Him in the Tent of Meeting. Eventually, the Tent of Meeting became synonymous with the original Tabernacle of God, where they would go to worship Him. Our church developed somewhat in this manner, bringing our devotion for the Triune God literally into a tent of meeting.

Living Grace Evangelical Church, formerly known as Worship Under A Tent, started with a group of believers meeting under tents in one another's back yards, to worship God with songs of praise and hear from the Word of God. Soon, a new church developed, joining with other churches around the world that make up the Fellowship of Evangelical Churches.

We believe our church name speaks to who we are and where we are going. We are Living - our church seeks to be active in the community in living out our faith

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Evangelical - this describes a mission and purpose for all believers… we are called to Go and make disciples. Evangelism and Discipleship are connected, not separate endeavors.


Grace - God has extended to us unmerited favor (grace) and we are called to live in this grace and extend it to others. Grace is not something our world understands, but it is something our world needs to understand, receive, and extend.


Church - we are a body of believers called to unity in love, in purpose, and in mission.

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